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What is the Positive Discipline Online Class?

Dr. Jane Nelsen is a distinguished psychologist, educator, and mother of seven whose book, Positive Discipline, has been the gold standard reference for grown-ups working with children. Dr. Nelsen’s groundbreaking book spawned a series of other Positive Discipline titles and several classes and workshops teaching parents and educators that the key to positive discipline is not punishment, but mutual respect.

Now Dr. Jane Nelsen delivers the message of Positive Discipline to parents and educators in a new and exciting way. She’s teamed up with her daughter, family therapist Mary Nelsen Tamborski, to create an online course that you can attend whenever and wherever is convenient for you.*  All you need is a computer or mobile device and a working internet connection.  

*Not yet available in China.


What’s Inside of the Positive Discipline Online Class 

  • 5 Solid Hours of Video Instruction led by Dr. Jane Nelsen and Mary Nelsen Tamborski, spread out over 6 Positive Discipline lessons.  And you’ll have access to the videos for 1 Year!
  • 6 Fully-Illustrated Workbooks (download)
  • Full eBook version of the Positive Discipline book (download)
  • 52 Positive Discipline Parenting Tool Cards (download)
  • Reading and Practice Assignments at the end of each lesson
  • Podcasts to enrich your learning experience
  • Engaging Comments Section where parents can interact and share ideas
  • The Chance to get Phone Coaching from Jane or Mary-- Each month Jane or Mary picks one willing member of the Online Class for a 30 minute, over-the-phone coaching session to share with the re

You will have access to the online class for 1 year from the time of purchase. That’s plenty of time to watch and rewatch the videos! Your bonus downloads are yours to keep forever!



 What Parents Are Saying about the Positive Discipline Online Class

“This is an amazing course… this course is set up in a way that makes learning easy and fun: the videos are short and I can use even a spare 2 minutes to learn something so ingenious and simple!  I live in Edinburgh, Scotland with 5 children and an online class is such a good solution for me.Thank you so much for all your work! The skills and principles are changing lives and generations.” -Ewa, Scotland

“There is so much here to take in and start doing at home….these strategies are so simple… I have quite a list of what I want to do with my kids…..before I move on to lesson 3!!” -Sara

“This was wonderful and I was able to reinforce tools I was familiar with along with learning some new tools to use and teach! Thank you again for your passion and love of Positive Discipline and spreading it throughout the world!” -Vicki

“These tool cards are amazing! My husband and I each pick a tool card every week and tape it on our refrigerator as a constant reminder of what we are working on. They are so helpful and give me lots of new ideas to work on if I don’t know what to do in a situation. Thank you soooooo much! I am so grateful that there are so many tools that we can use as parents and teachers that are both non-punitive and follow every one of the five criteria for Positive Discipline. I give them now as gifts, I like them so much! :)” -Julie 

"I deeply appreciate how REAL Jane and her daughter are—they have all the best intentions to be good parents AND acknowledge they are human, not perfect and make mistakes. This is exactly why Positive Discipline tools are so encouraging for our family—it sees those challenges with our kids as opportunities for them to learn and grow in the very ways we hope they will!" -Anjie

No More Yelling, Nagging, Reminding, and Punishing
If you’ve struggled in the past with finding the right belance between being a kind parent and being a firm parent, look no further. The Positive Discipline Online Clas will teach you the principles you need to form strong connections with your children, while instilling in them the life skills they need to become successful adults!

90-Day Money Back Guarantee: If you aren’t completely satisfied with the class, we’ll give you a full refund of your purchase price.

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Positive Discipline Online Class

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